Things to know about honeymoon vacation packages

Are you planning to for on a dream honeymoon? Do you think that you could do with a bit of information on honeymoon travel? In the section below is some comprehensive information on honeymoon vacation packages that are based on what from our people who have opted for such packages have said.

The amount of money that one has to spend on honeymoon vacation packages

The average amount for honeymoon vacation packages is $3,500 and this covers the cost of accommodation & transportation. A greater number of the couples who have provided information state that they

  • Have spent below $4,000 while
  • A mere 20% of say that they’ve spent more than $5,000.

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How have the couples found the finest hotel?

75% of all the couples who have provide information have stated that they have heard  about the hotel they’ve opted for from travel agents or travel websites who deal in honeymoon vacation packages Europe. Though the World Wide Web makes it unproblematic to reserve a travel online numerous couples have reported they could not get the thing that they’ve been promised about online.

  • While several of them grabbed a deal where the hotel was a disaster
  • Several people’s reservations did not turn out to be what they had paid for

This is a key benefit of hiring a travel agent for honeymoon vacation packages Europe is that they

  • Are more knowledgeable on hotels
  • Are going to check your reservations on your behalf

What is the ideal tenure of a honeymoon?

Based on the information of honeymoon goers this averages 8 days

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The finest honeymoon destinations

  • Hawaii is the winner of the finest of cheap honeymoon vacation packages once more.
  • Mexico’s a close second among the finest cheap honeymoon vacation packages
  • The Caribbean isles are among the top choices for places to go for a honeymoon.
  • A lesser percentage had gone to Europe & the Mediterranean and they preferred Italy.
  • All such couples who wish for something that’s somewhat more interesting and unique have opted for the great places of French Polynesia & and Fiji Islands & also Thailand.


Coming to how romantic couples have found their hotels of honeymoon vacation packages to be a great number of couples have reported their honeymoons to be romantic

  • While approximately 25% have stated that the time they spent at their hotel had been ardently romantic
  • A very small percent stated that their honey hotel stay had not been as passionate as it ought to have been

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Honeymoons that have been terrible

Every so often you get to hear the ghastly stories about honeymoon vacation packages in florida

  • While 1/3rd of couples did complain about their stay at the hotel stay
  • The majority of the complaints were on facility maintenance, restaurants and check-in on honeymoon vacation packages in florida.

Greatest Honeymoon Complaints

There is not a great deal to do at a resort – people have reported that many resorts lack in amenities & entertainment.

  • A Resort did not appear as on the snaps –People should never make a reservation based on just online snaps. They should also read what people have to say and also discuss with their travel mediator.
  • Bed comfort – a number of resort beds have been reported to be not really comfy, which is a really vital factor on a honeymoon. Several people were given 2 single beds and not 1 double bed!
  • The check-in & front desk staff isn’t so helpful
  • The quality of food provided is not as good as expected

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